Sunday, February 1, 2009

The book Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle MagorianLiterature is a popular subject to blog about even overseas. Bucklands Beach Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand hosts a blog analyzing "Goodnight Mr. Tom" by Michelle Magorian. The students who contribute to this blog are in Year 7, that is 11-12 year olds or general American middle school age. The students are encouraged to post their interpretations of the book in several personas, including actor, characterizer, poet, word wizard, and discussion director. The blog incorporates a lot of creative work by the students, such as drawings and poetry. Goodnight Mr. Tom can be viewed here.

Child holds up a monster made of recycled trashNew Zealand seems to be on the cutting edge of educational blogs. Tomahawk is a very small elementary school "right near the beach, by a soccer field in Dunedin, New Zealand". The school only has 24 students. While the school may be tiny, they have developed a blog called Tomahawk Tales to document the children's science experiments. The child in the picture was part of a project to make monsters out of recycled trash. Tomahawk Tales can be viewed here.

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