Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dr. Christie's educational resources

Dr. Alice Christie is like Dr. Strange only more hardcore towards technology (Who thought that was possible?). She is an educational technology professor who has a very extensive website. One of the most useful features she offers is her Educational Technology guide, which can be viewed here. It contains extensive links, resources, and tutorials on how teachers can incorporate technology into their K-12 classrooms.

One section of Dr. Christie's guide that was particularly compelling was the area dealing with podcasts. We are going to do our EDM 310 podcasts next week, and Dr. Christie's page has a wealth of information. She provides resources to teach about podcasts, basic answers about what they are, and examples of effective podcasts both by her own students as well as K-12 students around the country. Any curious teacher who would like to implement such a project could make her site a one-stop source for information. I can definitely see how Dr. Christie's site could be very useful to me as a teacher.

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