Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reaction to the Fischbowl video

It is amazing to think of how much impact technology has had on the last 10 years. When I was in high school, just 9 years ago, the internet was still fairly new. There was no myspace, no youtube, and though ebay existed it had nowhere near the popularity is does today. Now it is almost essential to have the internet to merely exist in modern American society. I could not imagine a world where I couldn't send a quick email to a friend, dial up movie listings in two seconds flat, or get clarification on things I am unsure about at the click of a button. Just last month, I repaired my motorcycle with a step by step guide I found on the internet. I have also met several of my friends online and it has opened me up to people I may have never had the opportunity for a chance encounter in person. It is staggering that 1 in 8 couples married last year met on the internet, but it is very believable.

I feel, in the next couple years when I become a teacher, that my students will be far more proficient with and dependent upon technology than I could have imagined when I was in school. My senior project dealt with using computers as teaching aides in a time when using powerpoint presentations in classrooms was unheard of. Now, it is a very common tool. As technology grows and the number of computer literate individuals increases exponentially, I believe I will have a responsibility as an educator to stay abreast and fully educated of the current technology. Computers will play more of a role in our lives 10 years from now and it is nearly impossible to predict just how mighty of an impact they will actually have.

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