Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting to know ALEX

ALEX, or the Alabama Learning Exchange, is a database which allows teachers of the same subject and grade level to upload and share personalized lesson plans as well as useful web links. ALEX also lists the teaching objectives for certain subjects and gives specific examples which can be used in lectures. It provides a consistent place for teachers to swap ideas and find the best way to convey information to their students.

Upon accessing the ALEX home page, the interface is fairly simple. You can search for information regarding your specific subject or merely browse the site. As I had never heard of ALEX before this assignment, I found the help page lacking in basic information about the program itself. Despite this, I was able without much difficulty to comprehend the site and figure out its purpose.

Upon researching ALEX, I found no links or personalized lesson plans for my desired teaching field of psychology. This is understandable because of both the recent implementation of the database and the specialized subject area I wish to pursue. I did, however, find examples and state objectives pertaining to psychology. As the database grows, I could see myself using it to gather information for my lesson plans. But in its current state, it is highly incomplete in regards to my specific field.

ACCESS, or the Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide, utilizes new technology to create a virtual classroom. Students can take advanced placement classes or any other sort of class which is not offered in their school. This is a very effective program because children are no longer at a disadvantage simply because of the school system they live in. I could see this technology being helpful to me as many smaller high schools do not offer psychology. I could teach a virtual class of students who are just as fascinated with the human mind as I am.

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