Thursday, March 5, 2009

All about iTunes U

iTunes University is a vast collection of educational multimedia created by top universities, PBS affiliates, and progressive K-12 classrooms. They encourage mobile learning, that is learning outside of the confines of a desk and classroom. There is a great wealth of media on the site which is amazing considering the project is still in its infancy. Many universities offer public content as well as more in-depth password protected content for their enrolled students.

There are several ways this could be helpful to me as a teacher. If I would like to research different ways to lecture on a topic, it is easy to search and find lectures by other teachers and professors. If I would like to find an educational video to show in my classroom, I can locate those here also. The resources available on iTunes U can be accessed from anywhere therefore it may be a good source to recommend to my students for their research projects. iTunes U is one of many valuable online resources that will benefit teachers and students alike.

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